PHILADELPHIA, PA May 20, 2014.   BMA has selected ISEBOX, a leading multimedia content distribution platform based in the Philadelphia region, to provide BMA14 attendees with near-real-time access to all conference presentation assets, including session videos, decks, PDFs and photos.

“BMA is improving on past annual events when content assets would be made available to attendees weeks later,” said Barry Seidenstat, owner of ROI Communication Solutions and BMA’s global event technology advisor since 2009. “By the next morning, attendees can go to a URL to view, download and share what they experienced just hours before.”

BMA is one of the largest b2b marketing conferences globally and is expecting more than 1000 attendees in Chicago on May 28th. Speakers will hail from enterprises including Google, Facebook, GM and Cisco along with marketing thought leaders such as Jay Baer, David Meerman Scott and Brent Adamson. All of their presentations will be available to attendees on ISEBOX's cloud platform.

"We are really excited to be a part of this event. The BMA team is very sharp and focused on providing the best possible user experience to the attendees. We all felt that it made sense to have ISEBOX support BMA by providing a solution that can both publish the content, and allow attendees to download the content in the format they need. ISEBOX provides a rich analytics report for our clients,  giving the BMA team access to traffic, video, and downloaded content reports," says Joe Witte, VP of Marketing and Business Development at ISEBOX. "This makes for not only a better attendee experience, but also allows events to capture and capitalize on the great content being produced at their event. This solves the challenge of the video and photo content typically going to the graveyard after the event. "

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About ISEBOX: ISEBOX, launched in 2012, is a cloud based multimedia content distribution platform. Clients use ISEBOX to push content out for multimedia news releases, events, and employee communications. Additional events ISEBOX has supported include the London Olympics (P&G and adidas), the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, ad:tech and Vocus' Demand Success. 

About BMA: For more than 90 years, BMA has been the pre-eminent service organization for professionals in the marketing and communications industry. BMA 14 will be one of the largest and most influential b2b marketing conferences globally. The event will be held May 28-30th in Chicago at the Hilton. BMA 14 will have more than 67 speakers and cover topiccs ranging from content generation, data and analytics, social, mobile technology and more.