New York, NY – The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), announced a new partnership with ISEBOX, a multimedia content publishing and distribution platform. ATTA members will get a 30% discount on ISEBOX, an easy-to-use tool for distributing video, images and documents to prospective customers, partners and the media.

“Travel is an immersive experience. Sending out written press releases in text doesn’t connect with audiences.  Travel marketers want to tell their stories with photos and video but have difficulty handling, storing and sending out these large files. ISEBOX will ensure that your multimedia content, regardless of its format, can be viewed and downloaded from any browser on any device.  We offer state-of-the-art tracking on your distribution. And best of all, it’s really easy to use,” says Joe Witte, ISEBOX VP of Marketing.

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To meet the needs of ATTA members, Witte says that ISEBOX will offer special packages that include a targeted press list, HD video streaming and can be distributed in 10 languages.

ATTA will also leverage ISEBOX for the 2014 Adventure Travel World Summit in Ireland in order to share conference content with attendees.

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For more information about how ISEBOX can help with increased media coverage, multimedia content management and multimedia marketing visit ISEBOX is the only platform that streams video content, allows for easy photo and file sharing, seamlessly delivers content to all devices, and makes your content available for download in all required formats. ISEBOX increases media coverage, improves marketing and saves significant time and investment managing video and photo files. To learn more about the packages offered to ATTA members please click here:

ISEBOX will share more about the technology and how they can help travel companies on an ATTA webinar on May 13th. To register click here: ASDASDASD