Finally, a Disruptive Technology for Journalists?

Easy Content Sharing with ISEBOX Increases Press Coverage, Tracks Results

Contact: Joe Witte, 215 359 8898, joe at ISEBOX dot com


As the demand for journalists to produce more content with less resources increases, one tech company has set about providing a solution servicing all media disciplines in a single hit. ISEBOX, a multimedia content distribution platform, sends journalists an interactive email giving access to the news release, images, video and audio - all on the same page.

"Communications professionals often forget they have to serve two masters.  We have to create content that is interesting to readers, but also deliver the content to journalists in a way that they can immediately review on any device, conduct quick diligence and generate quality coverage.  ISEBOX makes reporters lives easier by giving them access to your story and multimedia content in one location.  Now, they can grab your photos and video quickly in formats they need, when they need it," states Joe Witte, ISEBOX VP of Marketing.

Will Schmidt, a reporter for Tech Cocktail went on to add, "You have to keep in mind, I'll receive 30 pitches a day and I can only select 3. So, the competition is fierce. And often times I receive stories in an email that are disorganized, have lots of attachments or files that I can't access or that are in the wrong format. Even worse, some people don't send a logo, photo, and expect us to do all the work. If the story is compelling enough, I'll Google information on the company and get screenshots from their website, but that takes me time," says Schmidt. "I'd be on cloud nine if everyone sent me their content through ISEBOX. I've never been able to access an HD video via a link before in my life. If I received an epic story and press kit on ISEBOX, verses the standard email with attachments, all things being equal, ten times out of ten I'd pick the ISEBOX delivered article."

Managing Director of ISEBOX, Marc de Leuw, created the concept when his previous company, The 10 Group UK, was producing brand videos, B Roll and photos for clients and recognized that they had no easy way to distribute their content to journalists.

"It was amazing to me that companies would spend tens of thousands on creating content, but were still using FTP or DropBox to try to distribute large files. They just didn't know how to sweat their assets.  Companies like PR Newswire have been charging premium rates to include content - but it still doesn't fully address how to make large video and image files fully accessible - and trackable.  We knew we could create a powerful tool that was genuinely multimedia - and simple to use.  The results and responses have been incredible" says de Leuw. 

PR Newswire conducted a study that stated that releases includpng photos or video have a 70% higher likelihood of coverage, and ISEBOX's results have actually surpassed this study. 

“For a variety of reasons, press releases have become seemingly irrelevant over the past several years,”  said Rob Patterson, VP Corporate Strategy at ColdLight.  “When we were introduced to ISEBOX, our team was completely blown away with what we thought was the re-invention of how to deliver news in what is now a visual, interactive world.  With ISEBOX, our news is not just news – it’s an interactive, compelling story.”

About ISEBOX: Founded in 2012, ISEBOX has supported campaigns for P&G, Walgreens, adidas, 3M, Nike and SABMiller.  Leadership is based in both New York, NY and London, UK.  ISEBOX is a cloud based solution used for multimedia news releases, events and content management.


-PR Newswire