00.01 Tuesday 12th March 2019

ISEBOX, a Tech company specialising in multimedia distribution for PR, has received backing from Invex Capital to support its continuing growth in PR and Communications.

Formed by Marc de Leuw, founder of broadcast PR company TVC, which was acquired by The Economist Group in 2012, ISEBOX is a one-stop platform for distributing campaign videos, images and literature to media and press.  Clients include CSM, Fleishman Hillard, Michael Kors and Nike.

‘We’re delighted to have Invex on board’, said Mr de Leuw, ‘we started with nothing but an idea developed by our co-founder Salvatore Salpietro on a Mac in his bedroom.  ISEBOX enables agency individuals to perform complex content delivery tasks in-house that previously required large teams or outsourcing.  The savings on time and costs are dramatic, delivering value to clients and friction free content for Press and Media.’

Alan Greenberg, CEO Invex, comments ‘we’re excited to be involved with ISEBOX.  We see huge potential uptake by PR and communications, where content delivery is critical. Our aim is to make ISEBOX the default platform for the Industry.  ISEBOX is a compelling proven tech proposition, doing the heavy lifting at a fraction of the price of traditional content distribution, with even greater impact.’

ISEBOX has offices based in London and New York.  In 2016 it won the TMT Award for ‘Most Innovative Public Relations Software’ and has recently been named ‘Best in Pharma Content Distribution Services 2019’ in the Global Insight Awards.

For supporting videos, images and docs go to http://news.isebox.net/private-equity-backing

For more information contact: doug.evans@isebox.com or call +44 (0) 203 318 4578 .